Nicole Matter


with Nicole, the creator of our video course

A personal session with Nicole can bring you

faster to your essence.

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Nicole is supporting you in living your most authentic version of yourself and in remembering who you truly are.
In a session, she’s able to feel your essence and to help you unwrap it by pointing out the blocks and the programming that disconnected you from your own valuable awesomeness.
A session with Nicole is always a friendly and safe setting.

How does it work

She offers an insight into how your mind works, how feeling good can change your attitude and how you can achieve the state of life that you have always dreamed of.
The results depend on your mindset and how seriously you take your personal growth.
We suggest you book one hour to start and discover how she can help you.


Nicole is a professional coach with more than 10 years of experience, helping people to arrive where they want to be.

“In my adolescence, I learned that “cool” is definitely better than “different”. But I just couldn’t help but be “different”.

Her purpose-driven soul and her love for the arts lead her into studying performing arts, being one of a few chosen talents.

Later, in the real and crazy life as a performing artist, she learned that not every job would automatically fulfill her.
“A lot of times I was missing a deeper meaning, a deeper message, a heart, and soul”.

She realized that she has this deep yearning to transform people with what she does. And that became the core purpose in everything she does: Reminding YOU of who YOU truly are, by being who she truly is. And now, with all of her heart, She is dedicating every single day of her life to this mission.

“It’s my pleasure to have you here!”
Nicole Matter.

Happiness begins, where fear ends… Namaste.